Kin•dred: origin: kin—family | noun: A group of related individuals | adjective: alike or similar

Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”
L.M. Montgomery | Anne of Green Gables

Practically speaking, KINDRED by Makeshift is a series featuring social entrepreneurs and their endeavors. As a chapter of the Makeshift story, Kindred is the place where we REVIEW, CELEBRATE and SHARE the work people are doing to connect us to one another. We honestly believe that's what life is about—kinship, connection, community. 


REVIEW • Each feature will include our own experience with a company/event/experiment. As researchers, we're interested in how we're evolving socially. How do social networks interact with physical groups and meetings? What are people looking for when they get together? How do we find our kindred spirits? What works? What doesn't? We're out there observing, interacting, asking, and dreaming with the people inspiring us (YOU) getting those questions answered.

CELEBRATE • It's too easy to judge and compare. Instead, we're excited to find as many of these community-creators as we can and celebrate them! We're done criticizing the failures and being intimidated by the victories. It's time to fangirl over everyone who tries, and applaud every effort towards inclusion and togetherness. 

SHARE • So obviously, we don't want to keep this to ourselves. When we find this kindred quality being cultivated, it's gotta be shared. This is how we contribute to the conversation and participate. We're not content just observing. 

Welcome to a space highlighting the people who inspire and amaze us, YOU.

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