Partners + Affiliate Links

Here you will find some companies we work with or buy from regularly.
We trust them, love their products and want to share the goodness with you! 


Thrive Market

A one-stop-shop for all the things you would buy at a health food store and more! Cordelia uses this monthly to have easy access to healthier pantry options at a cheaper price than her local stores. She highly recommends you check out the Coffee Sock coffee filters, they are her favorite!

The link below offers you 15% off your first order + Free Shipping!

Outdoor Voices

OUTdoor voices

If you've been looking for a new yoga/fitness/lounge style Outdoor Voices is where you wanna head. Cordelia ordered a pair (Springs Leggings) and couldn't take them off for 3 days then promptly ordered another. Highly recommend you check them out!

The link below offers you $20 off your first order of $100. Free shipping and returns!


Young Living Essential Oils

The best smells are straight from nature. Maddie and Cordelia love using Young Living in everything from their cleaning and freshening to cooking and health-caring. Of course you could start with a few oils they'd be happy to get you but they recommend starting with a premium starter kit. You get all that's pictured and more! The perfect introduction to changing your life with nature.

You can become a member and receive the premium starter kit, whole sale pricing on any order you make in the future, and have access to an online group of people, just like you, who use Young Living oils, their knowledge and experiences will help jump start your own journey. You can also order through retail in which you would pay the retail price of the product. If you have any questions, of course email us and we'd love to help!

fashionABLE bags


This is our favorite place to get leather good and simple jewelry. We love the Mamuye Leather Tote big time!

The link below will offer you $10 off your first purchase once you sign up for emails!


Make your Time-Of-The-Month great with organic cotton feminine care products in customized assortments delivered to your door! Cordelia swears this is the only way to do it, period.

The code below offers you at $5 credit when you create and account with Lola.

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