Connected vs. Connection

I wake up, grab my phone, turn off my alarm, check for notifications. From the moment I am awake, to the moment I am asleep, I am connected to everyone.


There is a lot of negative buzz around social connection being bad and personal connection being lost. I think about it often when I am updating a Facebook Business page while waiting in line to check out at the grocery or when I am posting an Instagram photo for a Boutique, while the big game plays on the TV. It is my day job to be socially connected yet I still feel like I am doing something wrong.

This isn't me complaining, this is me coming face to face with the reality of my day. Seeing my reality for what is happening in it and what is missing in it. Hello reality, you need some quiet time. 

I get quiet through meditation, every day, it is a habit in the rough. Meditation quiets my mind from thinking and my body from doing. In the quietness I am reminded to find balance. A balance of HAVING connection with BEING connected - it's a balance that is imperfect by design. Sometimes it toddles left too far and I feel alone. Sometimes it falls right and I feel over stimulated. Every once in awhile it falls ever so nicely in the middle and I feel connected to what matters.

It reminds me of making a salad. Some days I have too many toppings, some days I have too much dressing. It doesn't make my salad bad, it just makes it different day by day and every once in a while my salad is perfectly mixed. All 3 kinds of salads taste good, they are just different.

I guess what I am discovering to be true for me is that, BEING connected isn't bad. It's part of my life. It has brought me really good people and experiences. HAVING connection isn't bad either. It has brought me really good people and experiences. It's the balance of the two that I am working for. Which means I have to stop judging myself for BEING connected every day. I have to accept that I HAVE enough connection. Some days I will BE connected and some days I will HAVE connection. No judgment from me, to me. When one is missing, I will add it, when there is too much of the other, I will subtract it. This is my reality, the balance of my life.

xo | cordelia