Simple, Basic, Fall

If you know me, you know I love Autumn. It has my favorite smells, food, activities, sports, weather, fashion, it is just all around awesome. Usually I do Fall by getting Fall decor and doing Fall crafts. But this year I haven't thought about getting down the box of handmade and store bought Fall goodies. I haven't even bought candy corn and peanuts (a family favorite) to put in a dish. I haven't had the desire to. Lately when I go into stores, I am overwhelmed by the insane amount of junk they sell. Things that don't last. Whole sections of stores dedicated to holidays and seasons. When Maddie and I mulled over ideas for A Check In and I wrote Hands, I had this feeling that beneath all the STUFF there is always a core. 

Beneath the skeletons, Twix Bars, and pumpkin spiced everything, Autumn is about harvest. It's stocking up. Just watch nature, the squirrels, the birds, the farmers. Autumn is all about food and preparing to hunker down for the winter, at least in the Midwest. So that is what I have been doing. Cleaning our apartment of Summer. Packing the beach stuff, pulling out the winter stuff. Going through my piles of sweaters and figuring out which ones I actually wear and love. It's the time to perfect homemade cinnamon granola and dig up soup recipes that will make us feel cozy and full. While I don't have a field to harvest or acorns to collect, I do have a farmers market that has all the best root veggies and squash! This Fall I am clearing out, stocking up, and most likely burning a deliciously scented candle from Wax Buffalo.

It seems so simple and lame, cleaning and calling that a celebration of Autumn, yet it makes me feel connected. It reminds me that I don't have to buy Fall to have Fall. That I can experience all my favorite things by digging in at home and doing my chores with a Football game in the background. It's my way of making what I do meaningful. If you love to deck your place out in Halloween, don't let me stop you! Heck, I'll come over and hang out! I am simply discovering that in my life, in our home, I would rather spend my energy and money filling our bellies and hearts this year.

So cheers to clean closets, organized baskets, and simmering pots of soup. Happy Pumpkin Spiced Everything season!