Vacation Sponge

I was looking forward to vacation so I could practice yoga, meditate, write - "be in the work" as Baptiste Yogi's say. I managed to practice yoga for thirty minutes, meditate zero times and write one blog. I felt angry at myself for not doing those things more because they remind me that I am connected and equal to everyone around me. They set me up to be of love and service for others. They make me whole. 


I did a lot of laying in the sun, catching up with family, eating delicious vegetarian foods, drinking rich organic coffee, reading, jumping into ice cold water, being in nature and people watching. I spent the last 11 days absorbing everything around me. Aside from hiking, walking, and swimming, I exerted very little energy. Instead of me serving others, I was being served. People back home taught my classes and did my jobs. Cale started conversations with strangers to find ways around the lake and he planned our daily outings by researching places to explore. Someone picked us up, drove us around, and dropped us off. Someone made me healthy food, brought me clean drinking water, made my bed and cleaned my room.


I realized on the plane ride home was, even with very little yoga, meditation and writing, this vacation was exactly what I needed. I was a sponge, soaking in every last image of kids playing soccer in trash covered streets with laughter that echoed off the crumbling houses around us, sunsets that happened ever so slowly yet if I looked away for a moment they changed dramatically, faces that told a million stories with each tanned wrinkle and sparkling eye and precious time with family I love dearly. My soul is refreshed. Suddenly I am looking through clearer glasses. I have more perspective and a renewed inspiration for all the things I love.

I will forever believe in Trevor Hall's song lyric "Love All - Serve All - Create No Sorrow" I will always feel whole when I am loving and serving others. "Being in the work" is my purpose. Yet this was a reminder to me to that it is necessary to balance love and service to others with love and service to myself. To allow myself to take in everything around me, each helping hand and each gracious smile. To let myself be a sponge and to let vacations be a break from doing my normal every day things, even if they are practicing yoga, meditating and writing because in the end, it is balance that restores me. 

xo | cordelia