L.A.U.N.D.R.Y list

As Maddie prefaced in her expanding post, we’re learning how to add things better.

Having just simplified and donated many of our possessions, we discovered we currently despise shopping. There are too many options and they are too complicated... and don't get us started on primary colors. We don’t want to buy things that we'll just end up throwing or giving away later. It’s not great for the planet. It’s not great for our souls. It sucks in the long run for our wallets. Maybe we’re high maintenance. Or maybe we’re just looking in the wrong places. Maybe both. Regardless, often the old box stores don’t seem to be offering what we’re looking for. So we’re branching out, taking a little more time, and figuring out how and where to shop all over again.

As a way to help each other, and hopefully those of you who may be struggling as well, we’re going to start a series we’ve fondly named our L•A•U•N•D•R•Y list — lasting • artful • unique • natural • delightful • reliable • yummy goods.

Items that make the list will contain a majority if not all of these attributes. As we actually find and try things, we hope the hunt will get increasingly easier, and hopefully we'll have loads of great stuff to recommend to you all. Feel free to comment and add to our lists as well!

Items we could literally pass on to kids someday. They should be made with materials that don’t break down, wear out, or ultimately end up in a landfill.

Especially when it comes to home or wardrobe items, we want our possessions to be workhorses of both form and function. A thoughtful design is worth the effort.

So this rules out trendy for the most part. We want rare, storytelling items when possible.

This mostly means non-chemical to us. We want to support businesses who are kind: to the earth, to their employees, to their customers. Responsibly and transparently sourced items made of natural, raw materials are huge winners in our book.

Duh. Let’s buy items that bring us joy! Books that spark great thoughts, pillowcases that make sleeping heavenly, dish soap that smells delicious.

Transitional, flexible items are super valuable. Like the perfect dress you can wear on spring cleaning day, and just as easily snaz up for a wedding. These “Old Reliables” are the staples that never let you down.

In the same vein as the delightful principle, we want to love what we buy, period. This includes food, because let's face it, it's not easy to find the perfect inexpensive goat cheese.

With these attributes as our guide, we’ve compiled our first list. Would any of these make your laundry list?