A Cheesy Love Affair

My love affair with cheese started with scrambled eggs and has developed into glorious cheese platters. In 4th grade I, like every other kid, would get my milk carton with my lunch tray and drink it because the lunch lady wouldn't let us leave until it was gone. Then I started spending my nights sleeping on the floor outside of the bathroom, coughing until I threw up. The doctor said I was allergic to dairy! 

Almost 20 years later I have had my ups and downs with cheese. I love it, it hates me. It is a vicious circle. I have never been much of an extremist so I decided a compromise was in order. I didn't buy cheese to keep in my home but I wouldn't turn it down when I was out to eat. If we stop for ice cream, count me in. If you make mac and cheese nothing will hold me back. Some of my favorite memories involve cheese platters and red wine. Cheese is my comfort, it's like a baby blanket. In the last year of moving and transitioning I needed a lot of comfort.

About 2 months ago I realized how miserable I was feeling with all that dairy in my system. So I set a reminder on my phone, mostly as a joke...

Mostly, I do almond and coconut milk ice cream. I make a lot of dishes using coconut cream instead of dairy cream. I've tried lactose free products, yuck. I don't have a lactose problem, I have a cow's milk problem. I have had tried dairy free cheese but let's face it, it's not that good.

......and then... after some experimenting and researching... I discovered goat cheese. Let me say this before I go on... I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CARE PROVIDER.

  • Goat's milk is closer to the composition of human milk
  • My body isn't bothered by lactose, lactose free stuff still makes me cough
  • The difference in lactose between goat's and cow's milk isn't very big so I know that isn't a problem
  • Goat's cheese doesn't make dark circles pop up under my eyes
  • Goat's cheese doesn't make me cough and does make my tongue turn white
  • My homeopath suggested eating goat cheese over cow cheese
  • I was muscle tested on goat vs. cow cheese and my body picked goat cheese

Maybe that all sounds crazy to you... but to me it sounds like heaven. All I care about is that I can still have moments of pure bliss eating cheese. I can have cheese platters and pizza and mac & cheese and grilled cheese. I can do it all with a reminder on my phone that say's Don't Eat Cheese because it should really say Don't Eat Cow's Cheese!

Are you eating goat cheese? - I suggest it with strawberries, avocados, eggs, squash, melted, in a wrap, as a side, with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Trader Joes even has Brie Goat Cheese! The options are limitless and the love affair continues. Thank Goodness!