BHW: (Not So) Guilty Entertainment

First up in our Beat the Heat Week (BHW) series is our guilty entertainment list.

Look, there is a lot of really good, bad TV out there. We know. Our guilty pleasure? Watching highly over dramatized TV. It's just so bad that it's good. We have weekly texting spats about who JoJo will pick on the Bachelorette and what will happen next on Pretty Little Liars. Ya, it's summer. Ya we we would rather be outside enjoying picnics, markets, festivals, and waterside shenanigans, but with these roasting temperatures we just can't deal. We want to sink onto the couch with a cold beverage, and drown ourselves in the drama. There is something so refreshing knowing these shows are so far from actual reality, and refreshing is just want we need to beat the heat.

So, we aren't feeling guilty about the hours spent in front of the screen. We're shamelessly watching PLL after shows and analyzing possible theories. We proudly take part because so many of our days are full of much more serious and earnest pieces, and hell, it's all about balance right? And sitting as close to the air conditioner as possible.

Our Top 5 Dramatic TV Shows

  1. GAME OF THRONES. If you haven't started it, you should. Fair warning, lots of blood, brothels, and booze. Very entertaining.
  2. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. It's a thriller/drama about five babes who desperately attempt to stay ahead of their unknown tormentors, while maintaining the most enviable friendships and romantic relationships ever.
  3. THE BACHELORETTE or THE BACHELOR. If you missed this season, don't worry there will be another soon and this season broke our hearts anyway...Honestly, this show is ridiculous. The men are unbelievable and the women are hilarious.
  4. STRANGER THINGS. Not so dramatic in the hot and steamy way, but totally addicting, and it's keeping us and our men glued to the couch in the evening. We will just say its Freaks and Geeks + The X-Files. 
  5. GOSSIP GIRL. Maybe you've already seen it once or five times, but it's worth a sixth or tenth viewing. It will definitely make you want to pick up and spend a lost weekend in NYC. Also, Chuck Bass. That is all.