Laundry List - Maddie's Home Inspiration


I've been sharing our third bedroom renovation on my Instagram stories and have had a few requests for where I find home inspiration. I find a lot of it on Instagram actually. I follow some accounts for aesthetic, some for practical kid-related solutions, and others because the vibe just feels right and familiar. I save particularly delicious photos, and do a lot of swiping up so I can support the people who do my shopping for me. Here's a few of the accounts I really love and use for my home inspiration, and a few specific products we're gonna splurge on this Fall, as we continue our homemaking journey.

Favorite Instagram Accounts

Aesthetic - @annacate @mamawaters @readtealeaves

Practical - @brittanyviklund @adrianasinke @breannebenton

Vibes - @a.crouse @lyssmoore @lindseytrapp_

Home Laundry List

Wall Sconces - We're making some subtle changes around the house. We began work on our master bedroom earlier this year—just fresh paint, a facelift for the dresser, and adding a wall treatment with some hooks so we could keep once-worn clothes off the floor. We replaced our bed frame and Mitch wired our room for sconces, so I've been hunting for the perfect ones for several months now, and I think these may be it. Then, two weekends ago, we started work on the third bedroom, where our newest edition will be sleeping this winter. We had to scrape the popcorn off the ceiling, repair walls and trim, and replace lights, outlets, and switches. This honestly has us dreaming of new light fixtures to replace the "boob" lights in the other bedrooms upstairs too.

Coffee Table + Rug - As we shuffle furniture and rugs around, trying to make the best use of space and storage upstairs for two littles, I'm dreaming of a lighter feel downstairs for them as well. We have a beautiful dark trunk that we use as a coffee table currently, and a rich-colored cozy rug, but as we head into those dark cool months, I think we need to bring as much light in as we can, and make our living room a place they can live too. I got some inspiration to use a round coffee table that the kiddos can pull chairs up to, and play toys. Now I can't get it out of my head.

Diffuser + Candle + Pitcher - Speaking of the cooler seasons coming, I'm eying a new diffuser and a couple candles to keep it smelling fresh and inviting inside. And since I want still water near the diffusers, I'm eying an inexpensive sealable water pitcher. 

Weekender - We're planning to stay close to home this fall and winter, but a few weekend trips to visit family are sure to hit the calendar, so we're thinking a well-organized and sectioned tote for our growing family is perfect. We're seriously crushing on this one from Birdling.

It all happens slowly, as we have time and money, but we're getting closer and closer to the finish line on a few projects, so here's what I've got my eye on as we wrap it up.