3 Cozy Winter Essentials

Here in the midwest, it's getting dark early. Even during the light hours, there's a bite in the air. With all this cold and dark, I can get pretty down. I can also feel a bit cooped up since it's more tricky to get out with mancub. Maybe that's why my sugar cravings have been through the roof and all I want to do is stay in my pajamas all day.

At the same time, I can feel the frenzy starting. There are gifts to buy and wrap, and lights to go see, and parties to attend, and cards to send, and decorations to buy and arrange...you know, all those memories to get out there and make! It's baby's first Christmas after all! 

Anyone else out there feelin' the feels as December hits? Please raise your hand! 

Well, I want to enjoy this season. I want to make memories and feel festive. But I also want to honor my moods, stick to my budget, and not be motivated by F.O.M.O. It's a balancing act lately between taking care of my body and taking care of my soul. Instead of feeling guilty when my soul wants to hold up indoors in jersey cotton with a cocoa, some days I'm just doing it. When my body is craving nourishment and real-world interaction, I'm getting dressed, taking my supplements, and venturing out with Phoenix. 

I remind myself, there's nothing wrong with staying in, enjoying what I already have, and indulging in a mug of something sweet. When that mood strikes, these are my essentials.

1 | Scarf and Stockings

This scarf from Madewell was a birthday gift from Cord, and when I wear these knee-high stockings (similar), I can get away with not wearing pants! 

2 | Candle and Cocoa

I like a Christmas scent at this time of year (like this one), and prefer to flavor and adorn my hot chocolate. I'll be posting a Peppermint Cocoa Recipe tomorrow!


3 | Book and Blanket

This charming little read was recommended by my mother-in-law. It's a story told solely in letters passed back and forth between New York and England. You can enjoy the whole thing in an hour or two. I'm also partial to this blanket that Mitch's grandma made.

That's my recipe for a swell time in. What's yours?