Methods: Air Plants

Maddie has been begging for this post. How do I care for my Air Plants? I've read a ton of "How-To's" on this subject matter, I've heard a lot of ideas too. Most of them say similar things. So here is what I've got for you!


Just because it is called an "Air" Plant, does not mean that it only needs air. While Air Plants don't need to be planted in dirt, they do need water. They come from Central and South America, meaning they like humid air.  For my first My first Air Plant, I just spritzed it with water every so often. Sometimes I would hold it under running water for a moment. One day Cale informed me that I had killed it. I tried to nurse it back to health but it was a goner. So for my next set of Air Plants I needed to make some serious changes.


Sunday mornings, when I am up making my coffee, I fill the kitchen sink with cool, not cold, water. I put all the plants in the bath for 15 minutes. When I pour my cup of coffee, I pull them out of their bath and let them drip dry on a towel before sending them back to their respective homes. And guess what? I've actually noticed changes in the littlest one! He is growing! So it seems to be working!


During my last trip to El Salvador, we were walking up to a volcano and we saw a few air plants hanging in trees, This means they were not getting direct sunlight, they were rather hidden by the other leaves in the trees. I keep all of my plants in rooms where light reaches them but they are not in direct sunlight in any way. I've burnt a few plants before and boy that doesn't make a girl feel that great!


So that is that! Good luck Air-Plant-Mommas!

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