Back Off - FLU!

Oh no! Someone in your house is sick. What do you do? Move out? Run away? Go to the doctor? Start crying for you mom? Lock said sick person in a plastic bubble and make them stay in there until the sick is gone? I have contemplated these options... here is what we are actually doing*.



Healthy person: Clean everything. The dust, the fuzz bunnies, the windows, the tub. Get the house clean so you feel clean aka germ free. It will make you feel so much better! Diffuse Thieves* or On-Guard to kill airborne yuckies. Light a candle. Make your house feel cozy so you feel cozy even though there is someone coughing up a lung in the next room.


Kelsey's Flu Bombs: My sweet friend Kelsey her and her husband do this twice a day when they get sick. So we are joining the fun. This is her recipe, I noted changes where I added them. She uses Doterra and I use Young Living. Both are great.

Add the following essential oils into a veggie capsule and take twice a day
5 drops - Lemon (I skipped lemon because I drink it in the morning in hot water.)
2 drops - Melulaca (I used 3 drops)
2 drops - Thieves OR On Guard
2 drops - Frankincense
2 drops - Oregano (I used 3 drops)


Honey Lemon Tea: Hot water, 5 drops of lemon essential oil, spoon full of honey. Drink. It soothes your throat and makes you feel cozy.

Detox Baths: 1 Cup of Epsom salt + 1 Cup of Baking Soda + Hot water + 30 minutes. ( You can add essential oils, I sometimes do Lavender)  Be sure to take a glass of water with you because you will sweat a lot. Stay hydrated after too. 

Sleep: Sick days seem like the perfect time to catch up on your TV shows or the long list of Award Winning movies you've been planning to watch but if your feel tired, you need sleep. 8+ hours. Rest is important for your body to fight off illness.

Water: More than you think you need. Water flushes out toxins and if you are sick you body is clearly hoarding toxins.

Food: Eat healthy goods with anti-inflammatory spices. Avoid sugar and dairy as they don't offer much in the way of nutrients and aid in the creation of mucus. If you are missing your calcium there are plenty other ways to get it while you are sick.


Yoga: I don't know why or how,  probably the sweat or just moving but I swear yoga keeps me healthy and strong.

Detox Baths: Because really we all need to sweat out the gunk and replace it with something better.


Lemon & Thieves Tea: I start every morning with a mug of hot water + 3 drops of Lemon and 1 drop of Thieves.

Flu Bombs: If I am making one for Cale, I am making one for me too! Twice a day.

Sleep: Whatever your normal restful amount is. I am good between 8 and 9 full hours. Keeping your body on a regular schedule eliminates stress which keeps your immune system happy!

Water: Always. All day. It flushes out yuck, it makes your skin look happy. You've heard about all the stars who say "drinking water keeps my skin looking great" well thank you Gwyneth, you are right.

Food: Pack it full of anti - inflammatory spices and veggies. Make it with love! If you make a big pot of soup you will have leftovers which means less work for you as you play maid to the sick person. 

I wish you the best of luck staying healthy and/or caring for the sick. Remember everything is temporary!

*Note: I am not a doctor, nor is Cale or anyone I've mentioned above. These are home remedies we are doing to keep ourselves healthy. If Cale gets to a point where he needs to see a physician we will definitely take him. Until then I am doing what I know to do and that is care for him well.

**Note: I write a lot about essential oils, I use them all the time. Before you start eating and drinking essential oils, do your research or ask me questions. Not all oils are pure enough to ingest.