Bad Timing, Clean Sheets

I teach at 5:30am Tuesday morning. It's 8:46pm Monday night. I'm still tired from my extroverted weekend. This is the first time I've seen my own bed since Friday night. I pull back the down-comforter and find BLUE. Like a Smurf has been murdered in our bed. All over the ONLY king size fitted-sheet we bought, B L U E. My phone is telling me "It's bedtime, if you want 8 hours of sleep." My body is telling me, it's near expiration and all I can think is B L U E

My mom calls, I'm on my way to meet friends, I'm 20 and still live at home because I'm a broke (smart?) college kid. She needs me to pick up something from the grocery. She's been at work all day and ran out while making dinner. It would save her a huge hassle if I grabbed it before I got to far from home.

I explode. This is bad timing! Horrible, actually! How could you possible need something now? Can't you make Chandler go get it? He never helps do anything. Ugh, no I'm not mad at you mom, I'm just...well it's just... it's just bad timing but ok. See you in 10 minutes. Click. 

BAD TIMING. It is the breaking point of so many of my outbursts. The core of my anger. I've spent many-an-hour mad that something, someONE, threw a wrench in my plan. My perfect plan. My thought out timing. 

It's 8:54pm, we've hunted down the new pair of socks with Smurf blue dye. The something that spoiled my sleeping plans, or maybe it was someONE? Ya, it was someone, Cale. This is HIS fault, why did he wear those socks in bed! I feel my breaking point. I am going to explode... Except this time, it's in laughter. Because a bed covered in blue dye can only be funny... I must be growing up, I think. 

We strip the bed. I sleep. I teach. I wash the laundry and make the bed. It's Tuesday night, I just slipped into clean sheets and it's the best known feeling.

My perfect plans and my thought out timing, is safe and clean. But if I'm lucky, life will throw me a wrench or new pair of socks to test (bless?) me. Sometimes bad timing, spoiled plans, or messy situations just lead to clean sheets. Sure, I didn't plan for this, but boy it seems pretty perfect now. 

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