Boundaries with Work: A Practical Approach

"It's so hard to work from home!"

It's not, what is hard is distractions. Dirty dishes, laundry on the floor, unmade bed, dusty shelves, hungry bellies. Not to mention the TV, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, text messages, phone calls, emails or blue skies calling me outside. There really is no end to the list of things that can be distractions.


Cale told me the other day that every time he is home I am on my computer working. Then I watched the Simon Sinek video that is floating around the internet. It is becoming clear that being a blogger, social media manager, website builder gal keeps me connected all day, all night, all week, all year. I have a looming guilt when I seen an email that is unanswered, or a word on my to-do list that is not crossed off. It follows me everywhere. My work is never done.

It's so hard to work from home!

But it's not.

A Practical Approach

If I work from home, I need boundaries. Work hours and an office. It's really our quest bedroom but it has my computer, desk, printer and books. So it's my office. It has a door I can shut. A mess I can leave behind. A kitchen and a bathroom near by but it's not a part of the house. It's my space.

I am working in here, day 6. It feels simple. My living room is clean because my papers aren't all over the coffee table and spilling into the dining room. I am not frustrated at Cale on his lunch break because I can stay "at work" while he enjoys our home. I am limiting the distractions and it is making things easier. 

Obviously not everyone works from home but boundaries can be applied to just about anything. I am learning to say no to work by shutting the door and leaving work behind it. I am learning to set boundaries to simplify what seems hard. For now this is my practical approach.

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