The Do It Yourself, Face

In my process of simplifying, I've added skin care to my list of things to lessen. I used a pretty expensive, pretty detailed, pretty fancy bunch of products in my early twenties. I thought for sure it would keep me young and happy. Maybe it would have, but I'll tell ya, it really upset my bank account. When I stopped using it, with it's long list of ingredients I decided "less products, less ingredients." After a long couple of years trying to nail the proper plan, I landed happily with the MOSTLY DIY face.

The Game Plan: (p.s. my skin is "normal")

I wash my face with charcoal soap. Currently mine is from Old Fort Soap Company. There are tons of other companies that make something similar, including Lush and Herbivore Botanical. I have tried both. I like both, I switch it up from time to time.

I use Witch Hazel with Rose Water as a toner; it smells amazing. The cheapest place I've found it is on Thrive Market.

Last but not least, moisturizer. I love coconut oil on my face and when I started using Young Living, I decided to add them into the mix. Typically I use Lavender, Frankincense and a small amount of Tea Tree. Recently I've been reading a lot of good things about Carrot Seed Oil. It brings life and vibrancy to dulled complexions among many other youthful skin supportive properties. So in my current moisturizer I swapped out the Tea Tree for Carrot Seed. While I don't particularly love the smell, I am hoping I get used to it.  

Do It Yourself

I didn't have a recipe for this idea. I guess and check every time. I think it was close to 7 drops for Lavender, 5 for Frankincense, and 5 for Carrot Seed.

  • First liquefy the coconut oil, just to the point it can be poured.
  • Put the coconut oil in the desired container (glass is necessary)
  • Add oils - I use the "sniff" test to know if there is enough or if I need more.
  • You Are Done!

The Ditty on Connection

Here's the thing, there are so many right ways to take care of your face. You do you, seriously! One of the things that keeps me connected to my daily life is making the things I use every day. For me, there is something really special about using ingredients I already have to make something I need. I know every detail of my skin care products and I never throw it out before it's gone. If making your own face moisturizer speaks to your soul, give it a try!