Maddie + Cord | Our Story

Some of you may not know how this mashup of estrogen, coffee, and LOTS of words came to exist.
Well, we'd love to tell you.

We met in high school through other friends, but never got close. My first marriage lead me one direction, and college and study abroad lead Cord in another. For years we were nothing more than internet acquaintances. And then, everything aligned. At the end of 2015, Cord reached out via Facebook (thanks social media) and asked me to do her wedding makeup. Cord’s wedding was only one week before mine. While doing her makeup, I shared that Mitch and I were going to Scotland on our honeymoon, and since Cord’s brother lived there, she had tons of recommendations. So Cord got married. Then, I got married. I went to Scotland, and Cord sent me tons of ideas via Instagram (thanks again social media). When we were both back home, we had to grab coffee and catch up. We were suddenly at the same place, coming to the same road from different directions.

Photo cred:  Evan Perigo

Photo cred: Evan Perigo

At the beginning of 2016, I went to Lima, Ohio where Cord and Cale lived at the time. Cord and I got lost in a big blue couch, drinking tea under a fuzzy white blanket, having an endless conversation (seriously endless, we’re still having it) on a snowy winter day. That was it. Not long after, we were standing in line for a coffee, and we interrupted our ongoing conversation to blurt out “I think you’re my best friend!” and “I think you’re mine.” 

I have wonderful, dear girlfriends, and calling any one of them “best” seems weird and unnecessary. They’re all best at being them, and I love them for that. Putting a label on Cordelia isn’t to take anything away from anyone else. It’s more to explain the kind of relationship we have, and it doesn’t even really do that great a job. Let me explain it a different way.

I watch some ridiculous TV shows. Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars. Far-fetched, unrealistic, dramas. They all have one thing in common, and it’s what hooks me and brings me back for second and third reruns. It’s the day-in-day-out relationships between the characters over the years that I find so fascinating. It makes them family. They know where they belong. They belong to each other. Cord is that kind of friend. I get texts with pictures of deodorant and roll-less toilet paper. We’re on the phone while she does dishes and I change diapers. We craft together, cry together, eat together, drive together, and do nothing at all together. We show up. Daily. And it’s not work. It’s pretty effortless. I think Cord and I both sent secret intentions out into the void after college (or maybe before in her case). We made room. Room for each other we didn’t know we were making, but we each fit in a space that the other prepared for us.

And now we write. The conversation continues, only now you’re all a part of it. We keep learning, on our own and from each other. We keep questioning. We continue to share the road, and it’s the best part for me yet.