Makeshift | Makeover

You may notice something different around here...

We've redesigned Makeshift! It was time to reorganize, categorize, and make interaction that much easier in this space devoted to connection. We hope you love the new look and features. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE (because you can do that now!) and let us know what you think of the refresh.

What you will find…

We have restructured the blog! You can now use the Navigation Bar (top left on a computer screen or bottom left of your mobile device) to browse sections and categories. Feel free to use the Search Icon at the top right (computer) or bottom right (mobile) too! Simply click on whichever post you want to expand from the Home Page. At the bottom of each post, we'll have related content, and you can also browse content chronologically by using the arrows (right and left sides on a computer screen or at the bottom of a post on your mobile device).


  • We eliminated some unnecessary pages (like Connect), and boy does it feel good to clear out some space and get rid of stuff! (Don't worry, you can still email us. Just visit our About page.)
  • We decided to share some of our favorite blogs to read. These writers feed our souls. They inspire us daily with the way they choose to share and live their lives with readers.
  • We created a way for you to SUBSCRIBE to Makeshift so that we could stop bombarding your social media with our post announcements! If you like what you've been reading here, this is the best way for you to keep up with us from now on. We promise not to spam you. We will simply send posts as they are published, and will VERY OCCASIONALLY send special updates (like Holiday Greetings, or a round-up of recent content.) 

Don't worry, it's still the same us, finding our way in our makeshift lives. There will be plenty of posts about how we are learning, what we are making, and even some gifts from us to you.

Most importantly…

Thank you for your comments, shares and encouragement so far. We share our lives with you for those moments, moments of connection. The interaction is literally our favorite part, and we want to encourage as much of it as possible! While we are moving away from Facebook/Instagram as sharing platforms, we LOVE the interaction that has been happening there, we're just hoping to move more of it right here to the blog, so don't be shy! We welcome and love your honest feedback. Connection makes us feel whole. We seriously appreciate you!

So what do you think of the new space?