Milk in the Morning | Latte Recipe

Good morning friends!

Recently, my pallet totally changed. I've always been a black coffee girl. No embellishment, nothing to dilute the flavor or spoil the purity. At some point, I just started craving foam. I love that texture! I guess I don't particularly consider it coffee, but rather an improvement on the hot chocolate concept. Coffee beans rule out over the cocoa bean any day, however there is something so comforting about a thick cup of cocoa. Enter this perfect mashup between my pure espresso and decadent hot chocolate, that has become part of my morning ritual.


1. Grind and Brew Coffee

I like a bean called Midnight Sun at our Natural Grocery Co-op, but any will do. I grind that in our Zassenhaus Manual Grinder. (It's the best because it's wood and none of the beans or grounds go flying while you grind, like they do with this one.) I absolutely love grinding by hand. It's so fragrant, quiet, and satisfying. I brew in a french press from Starbucks currently, but I can't wait to get my hands on this baby!

2. Gather Milk & Sweets

I find a bit of vanilla reduces the need for sugar and rounds out the flavor. I use:
½ teaspoon of organic vanilla extract
1-2 teaspoons of organic sugar
2 tablespoons of organic whole milk

3. Froth Milk

Using the Epica Milk Frother (which I borrowed from Cordelia), froth 2 tablespoons of organic whole milk. This is the easiest ever! One button. 10 seconds. Incredible foam. I highly recommend this. It works beautifully and cleans like a dream.

4. Pour, Sweeten, & Foam

I pour my coffee, leaving a half inch or less at the top of my glass mug, then I stir in my vanilla and sugar. Finally, I pour my warm, heavenly foam over the top.

5. Enjoy

Sip, sip. Hope you enjoy this concoction or a variation this season. I love stepping out for a coffee with friends, but there is something lovely about being able to prepare something decadent and soothing at home as well. I can't wait to try other mix-ins with the Epica Milk Frother! What warm and cozy treats are you making at home?