New Year's Reflex

"ya, I do, but it's so hard!" I explained to my teacher. She looked at me and smiled saying, "Consider that maybe it isn't hard, replace hard with difficult. Is it difficult?"

I heard it again last night. Cale had asked me if I was excited for yoga. My response was no. He asked why and there it was... "I don't know, it's just hard...." My voice trailed off. I looked at him and said, "Actually it's not hard, it's not even difficult. I want to be lazy, instead I am going to yoga. It's that simple."

I heard it again this morning. "Oh yes, working from home is hard..." "I know, so hard"

I am a planner, a goal setter, a list maker. One New Year my goal was to learn more about music, to scour iTunes for hidden, amazing artists. My iTunes library is now 13,000+ songs bigger than it was. The last two years I choose a word. One year Love, the other Simplicity. I added them to my yoga practice and my daily intention. To love and to simplify.

This year I am not adding a word, or building a list. I am removing a reflex.

Reflex: It's hard. 

It's become a response to everything. Eating well is hard, sleeping well is hard, working from home is hard. "Consider that maybe it isn't hard, replace hard with difficult. Is it difficult?" No. Going to yoga isn't difficult. Being crabby when my body is tight and uncomfortable is difficult because my attitude is bad. The problem isn't going to yoga, it's me being lazy.

Working from home isn't difficult, staying focused is difficult. So working form home isn't the problem, distractions are the problem, I'll remove the distraction.

I am starting to see that by shifting the word hard, by looking where I place it in the cycle of blame, what seems hard is actually not hard, its not even difficult. This practice frees me up to discover what is really going on and to create a new solution. Yes, some things are hard, some things are difficult and yet, not ALL things are so hard, and so difficult. Some of things are actually easy and it's just my thinking that makes them hard.

This New Year, I am keeping the practice of LOVE and the practice of SIMPLICITY. I am keeping my collection of music and you will see me removing "hard". Starting with my work habits. I will repeat this to myself when I need it,  "Consider that maybe it isn't hard, replace hard with difficult. Is it difficult?"

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