Pardon My French....

I take life very seriously. I could talk deeply about everything for days. I can be so serious that sometimes I forget to laugh.

I need to remind myself often that life isn't that serious. I can laugh at myself when I worry for no reason. I can say "I don't know" instead of being defensive.  And I can still be considered a loving person even though I sometimes say FUCK.


So instead of getting a tattoo that says "Lighten Up, Cordelia, Life's Not That Serious" I bought this cup. I chopped up veggies, made guacamole, ate some raspberries and split a beer with my best because I am celebrating that life is a balance of eating healthy and unhealthy. Of working hard and resting hard. Of being serious and laughing, of give and take.

My life is a balance of Namaste and fuck.

And yes, I just made the purchase of a cup serious.... 

xo | cordelia