Methods: enjoying the end of pregnancy

Here I am, at the end of this 9-month adventure. I'm ready and waiting.

Have you ever been all packed up for a move except for the daily essentials? Or completely prepared for an event, save for those last day-of tasks? Have you ever been working those last two weeks after giving notice with a quickly dwindling project list? If you’re anything like me, being over-prepared with too much time on your hands in any of these scenarios can be maddening. Also, if you’re anything like me, you probably procrastinate as long as you can, and STILL have enough time to get impatient at the end. 

My counter strategy: Savoring & Pampering.

In my last few weeks of pregnancy, I’ve indulged in some activities and purchases to help me enjoy this time and serve myself, before time and service become more devoted to the mancub. These may not be your cup of tea, but if you're playing the waiting game, I highly recommend you indulge in your particular poison. It's made it so much easier for me to savor this time instead of wishing it away. 

I’ve loved being Maddie only. I love being Maddie and Mitch. And these last few days/weeks of that are precious and sweet, and worth enjoying. I feel patient.

Photo Cred:  Young Living

Photo Cred: Young Living


  • A Weekend Away We took a short trip to Benton Harbor to enjoy the cooler temps, water, and Cordelia’s divine cooking and hostessing. 
  • Playful Purchases It’s easy to take this whole becoming a parent thing super seriously and forget that the best thing about children is how delightfully unspoiled they are. In the spirit of embracing our inner kids, we nabbed some temporary tattoos at Fancy & Staple (It’s a freaking bunny smoking a pipe!), and bought friendship bracelets in our Harry Potter house colors (Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, respectively).
  • Food & Drink I’ve allowed myself steamed milk in my morning coffee, coffee cake in the afternoon, pizza for dinner, and lots of fruit whenever I like. If it sounds comforting or refreshing, I’m going for it. Everything in moderation...
    salads mostly in the backseat.
  • Walks With the cooler temperatures, Mitch and I have taken long walks in the park or by the river in the evenings.
  • Movie Marathon We’re watching Harry Potter, and have almost finished The Half-Blood Prince. Every couple of nights we watch a bit, and it’s my absolute favorite. 


  • Hair I decided to splurge at Adler J. Salon Spa; the Aveda concept salon provides complimentary hand and scalp massage with service. The treatments and incredible natural botanical fragrances that fill the salon are so relaxing! 
  • Pedicure So not necessary, but there was something about looking down at a color on my toes that became a game-changer in my third trimester.
  • Essential Oils Cordelia gifted me my oils, and I’m in love! Lavender is an instant soother, and I’m loving Peace & Calming II on my feet before bed.
  • Jersey Cotton Nightgowns Also a game-changer. Jersey fabric is God’s gift to pregnant women. It breathes. It’s light. It’s the next-best-thing to naked. These ones from Target are incredible.
  • New Sheets How I managed to endure this summer sleeping in flannel sheets is a mystery for the best minds! I finally went for a new set of 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets, and life in these babies postpartum is going to be bliss.
  • Skincare My last splurge was on Origins cleanser and moisturizer, and Aveda foundation. I wanted something more natural, but still luxurious and pretty effortless. While I’m excited to delve into making my own skincare (a la Miss Cordelia), I thought having these for the next few months while I’m focused on becoming a new mama was a happy compromise between the super heavy chemical options and homemade deliciousness. I’m super excited!

Hope my lists gave you some ideas and that you hear me saying "Go for it!" if you're on the fence about whether or not to treat yourself. You don't need an excuse, but especially if you have one, you're welcome to join me as I indulge. What are your favorite pampering and savoring rituals?