Simple Decorating

I recently took down a wall of pictures and cards, not the actual wall but the little pieces of paper and little frames. For whatever reason it was stressing me out. I am in transition mode again.


I went through my box of "decorations" and what I discovered were small frames, small pillows, small nick-nacks, small, small, small! Most of these purchases were because of the price point. It was cute and cheap so why not? 

Both of these images have dressers with little things on top of them. While they both look adorable as heck, this is what I mean by "small stuff"



When I was in college we studied classroom design. How to create the most efficient learning space for children. It consisted of neutral colors, some shelves with work (a Montessori term) some shelves with nothing. Soft natural fabrics, plants and outside elements like stones. The walls were mostly bare so there was space for little minds to rest. I studied similar ideas in my 200hr RYT Yoga Training. The idea of drishti, or gaze/focus. And last week, when I was watching The Voice, I had the same feeling about music. The songs with a ton of instruments and power-house-notes seemed to loose the affect of the singer's voice, the focus of the show. 


SURPRISE, I like simple space, simple songs, simple teachings with a BIG element. A foundation element with supporting elements.

Both of these dressers have a BIG element, the mirror. Then supporting elements, a medium picture and a small vase or small item. Leaving them with a more plain look.

As I shift into Christmas, a time of year where traditionally I OVER decorate and feel OVER whelmed by all the sparkle, I will keep this in mind. What is my big element? What are my supporting elements? Hopefully this will create a little more simplicity for my holiday decor, so that my mind won't be distracted and cluttered.

Keep an eye out later this week for posts on how Maddie and I are getting in the Holiday mood with out buying little things, and spending lots of money.

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