Today's Choice

Today is a day of longing. Of wishing for a solid routine. I want to wake up and practice yoga and sip tea. To focus solely on the work and people I am committed to. I am longing for sunshine and the sound of waves. I want to fast forward the next month and skip the endless taping of boxes. I want to read books that fill my soul and I want to be still. 


All of this wanting is bringing no joy. Its definitely not helping me pack. So, I choose to refocus, to remember that this to is temporary. I will have routine again. I will be able to wake up and work on my real work. I will see the sunshine and it will be warm. Believe me the choice to get present and be in the moment doesn't automatically mean my longing disappears, I am still here taping boxes. This is me practicing presence. This is me choosing to live simply and that means letting go of what I cannot control and what I cannot do. 

Just like I get to choose what clothes I keep when simplifying my closet, I get to choose what I focus on when simplifying my mind. Right now, I choose to focus on packing and to give up the longing for the future. Right now I choose to be present and that is living simply.