Too Much : A Practical Approach

Have you ever experienced the feeling of "Too Much?" You know that feeling after a weekend away where you ate too much yummy food and spent too much money and definitely packed too many things in your suitcase so now you have too much laundry and your house is a mess because you have been too busy? Well that is how I've felt this week. I NEED to balance back out.  The balancing act always looks different for me during different times of my life. Here is this weeks practical approach to balancing out!

Make a to-do-list, include everything and then start with the small stuff:

  • Pluck my eyebrows and do a face mask
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Make our bed
  • Put away loose laundry and clutter that is everywhere
  • Create a separate to-do list for work specific tasks
  • Take a box of donation stuff to the local second-hand store
  • Clean out my purse which leads to throwing out old crap and filing receipts.
  • Clean out the fridge, getting rid of that things I don't need which makes my shopping list easier
  • Write grocery list
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Take vitamins
  • Hit the gym/yoga
  • Organize the junk drawer and toss the coupons you though you'd use
  • Get 8 hours of sleep

It seems really bland, to balance out, I just do my normal stuff? That's just it! A definition of balance says "a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions." When there is TOO MUCH of something, the proportion are off. SO I take away. Crossing things off my list is just what this over stuffed, over tired, over distracted gal needs!

Enjoy balancing today . . . it is a very large part of life . . . and for me, it's never ending.