I am a saver of basically anything that some day MAY prove useful. I am also a collector of stuff that comes in sets. Good news is I am very organized. I love to organize. People have hired me to come organize their offices. (believe me, I enjoyed it) I use to dump out all my beads and then reorganize them just for the sake of organizing.

As I grew up the really special stuff I saved or collected (aka the stuff I felt a need to keep but didn't actually like to look at anymore) moved into my parents attic. The other stuff came with me everywhere.

My first apartment was filled with both my collection of stuff and stuff other people gave me because they didn't actually want or need it anymore. Every move meant a perfect time to reorganize my things. I would toss a few things here or there to lighten the load but everything was so organized it made it easy to save and it made it easy to ignore that I had a problem.

For the last month I have been preparing for another move. I have been taking stock of the stuff I really do have and I have realized that being this organized meant being a saver aka hoarder has gone unnoticed by me. ((Yes, to my credit, I had gotten rid of loads of crap. I cleaned up my half of the attic and downsized that junk to a few really sentimental pieces.))

So I am not reorganizing for this move, I am un-organizing. I emptied my well organized photo albums and found hundreds of meaningless pictures. I am dumping everything everywhere so I can see truly how much I have. I am donating and tossing.


Honestly between seeing how much trash was floating around Guatemala and un-organizing my whole house, this project has me a little sick. Most of this stuff that I am donating is stuff I shouldn't have bought. It has served me little purpose. Now it will go sit on a shelf, in an already packed thrift shop, surrounded by once trendy pieces nobody wants anymore. The stuff I am throwing away has me shocked we haven't covered our planet in crap already. Bags and bags of waste. It's scary how much stuff one 27 year old girl can accumulate.

It's time for me to get really messy and unorganized because I have some trash to confront. I need to be very slow to decisions when buying, crafting and saving. I will buy pieces I will always love and use (which by the way are not trendy). It's time to stop bringing "someday trash" into my life.

xo | cordelia

Enjoy this list of crazy things I have saved and collected

(most of which is in the trash/thrift stores now)

  • Cute tags from clothes I bought
  • Shopping bags from my favorites stores
  • Bottle tops from my 16th birthday party
  • 400 wine corks (mostly gifted)
  • Doubles of every picture I took until you could put pictures on CDs
  • Prints and CDs of every Picture I every took until digital cameras
  • Beautiful tissue paper from fancy stores
  • Wrapping paper from presents
  • Movie stubs from the first really cool movie theater I went too
  • One time I saved a Starburst wrapper because I got it in El Salvador and it was in Spanish.
  • Precious Moments (why?)
  • Owls - so. many.owls
  • Old cameras
  • Old soda bottles
  • Books of quotes that came in a set
  • Tee shirts from concerts
  • Water bottles from concerts
  • Tea boxes that looked cute together
  • Cupcake books, cupcake stands, cupcake papers
  • Magazines - Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Real Simple (Realizing I need to put myself in check with my current Kinfolk Collection...)
  • Straws, yes straws.
  • Little wooden throw away forks and knives from Sprinkles.
  • Coffee mugs
  • College papers and projects
  • Pink Panther stuff (I've never seen Pink Panther)
  • CDs of every band I ever liked
  • Hand written notes and letters from middle/high school
  • Lists of lyrics
  • Folders of magazine clippings (before Pinterest)
  • Scraps of paper that I had from crafting
  • Cocktail rings

I am sure there are many other things, but I am sure you get the point.