On a typical day I have 50 emails from various stores. I usually delete them immediately though they occasionally catch my eye and I spend 15 minutes scrolling through the sale section adding things I "need" to my cart. I tell myself I like getting these emails because during the holidays they always have good deals or what if something goes on sale and I actually need it!?

Last week I unsubscribed from ALL of them! Yes, even Madewell, lululemon, Restoration Hardware and Anthro. My reason? Simplifying.

I have been obsessed with the idea of living with less. I have been going through every shelf, drawer, closet, basket, surface, and cupboard. I have taken bags and bags to the neighborhood thrift store. It feels good to let go of things I am not using. To really confront myself about why I bought those trendy pants or if I need another throw blanket. But getting rid of the stuff in my house is only the tip of the iceberg. It's not buying that "must have" sale shirt or the latest decorative pillow, that is the key to keeping it simple.


Time, space and energy is limited. That quick 15 minutes of online shopping seems harmless until I do it for each of the 50 "YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS" emails. When I buy random things, they take up space. When my space get cluttered because there is so much stuff, it takes my energy to clean it. So I deleted the temptation, the root of the problem. No more emails (...this also means no more wandering through Target...that's another blog post.)

If I really need something, I'll go get it - I am just realizing there is very little I actually need.

p.s. The emails I kept were local companies, small businesses and websites that uplift my soul and inspire me to be the woman I want to be.

xo | cordelia