A way to get started with oils



Essential Oils are often called the "lifeblood" of a plant. They come from the slower, stem, leaves, bark or fruit. It's the oil of the plant the protects the plant and provides nutrients. The oils are extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing. They work much faster than the plants they come from because the consideration of the oil is much higher.

Essential Oils are used to for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing. They can also be used for cleaning, cooking, and homemaking.  When applied topically, oils have the ability to work on every system of your body on a cellular level to assist in the elimination of toxins. When diffused, they work on the limbic system in the brain, where emotions are stored and help release emotional trauma and stress.


I choose Young Living because I did research. I knew there were several ways to get my hands on oils and I wanted to know which way I wanted to head. What I love about Young Living is their high high standards for producing products. I started using natural products on my body because I wanted what I put on my body to be as good as what I was carefully putting in my body. Young Living is that for me. I could absolutely get an essential oil for $3.99 but chances are it's not held to a high standard of extraction or production and it might even have artificial smells added to it. Young Living is the only company that has the Seed to Seal promise. Meaning, Young Living controls every single aspect of the production line. They own their own farms, plant their own seeds, grow their crops and oversee each step of the process to packaging. To me, that commitment to a product is worth WAY more than $3.99.


When you sign you as a Young Living Member, you receive the premium starter kit, wholesale pricing on any order you make in the future, and have access to an online group of people, just like you, who use Young Living oils, their knowledge and experiences will help jump start your own journey.

The premium starter kit comes with everything you need to get started with oils: a Dewdrop Diffuser, 11 of the most popular oils, a roller, and amazing samples!

Lavender Vitality – calming, highly versatile, relaxing. (amazing beginner oil!)

Peppermint Vitality – invigorates the mind and senses, peaceful, positive, uplifting, great for after works outs. (usually in my bag)

Lemon – boosts your home cleaning, reduces the appearances of blemishes.

Copaiba Vitality – is a driving oil (enhances other oils) enhances the appearance of healthy-looking skin.

Frankincense – earthy and uplifting, grounding and calming. highlights natural beauty.

Thieves Vitality – cleansing, refreshing for your home and personal care products. ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!

Citrus Fresh – makes a wonderful room freshener!

Raven – supports respratory system.

DiGize Vitality – supports a super healthy digestive system and is calming.

PanAway – soothing and stimulating for tired muscles. (love this smell!)

Stress Away – calming and delicious. (my favorite perfume sent)


Great! You can be a Young Living Retail Customer, you would pay the retail price of the product.