Sarah | Solace Massage

Sometimes there are people you meet who you want to learn about and learn from. Who smile from deep in their souls and who's touch feels supportive. Sarah is one of those people. As a massage therapist, she gives support though her hands, as a yoga teacher she gives support though her listening. She gives and gives and that is why we wanted to interview her for Kindred, her generous spirit needs to be celebrated.


- Meet Sarah -

Who are you and what are you about?

I did an exercise once and during it we were asked the question “Who are you?”  As an answer came up “I am a daughter” we would ask “If I am not a daughter, would I still be? Still exist?” of course “Yes” So I am not that. “Am I this body? Without this body, would I still be?” “Yes” Then I am not that. On and on it went. Each question peeled back a layer, a label. I finally got to the place where all that was left was love. What I am about is removing everything else that gets in the way of that. I am interested in creating connections with people who want to grow, towards love, strength, confidence, and leadership. I think the world needs more of that right now and I want to be a part of bringing that side of people into the light.


How your career grown and developed?

I graduated from Massage Therapy school in 1998 and in 2000 opened my own business. I started out traveling to local companies, providing on site massage. They provided me a small empty room and I had no overhead. Once I developed enough of a clientele I opened my own studio. I never wanted a big business because I love small cozy spaces, meaningful connections, and relationships that get stronger over time so that’s what I created with Solace.

What does community mean to you?

I think community is the connections we make with other people. I use to think that meant we needed to see everything the same but I don’t think that’s true anymore. I think if I can really connect with a person on one thing, they become community. After that it becomes a practice of celebrating our differences. The people in my community have wide ranging religious beliefs, political views, social status, health habits, life experiences, etc. I’ve learned so much from being genuinely interested in other people. I lean into what feels right for me and I let go of what doesn’t fit. If we were all the same, the world would lose its color, its beauty. So, I give up my righteousness to create space for connection.


What does the future hold? What do you want to add or subtract? How do you want to grow, personally and in business?

I want to add in more connections and more community in my life. I want to subtract the idea that I have to take everything on myself. For a long time, it was just me running the business. It was very comfortable for me to keep it that way. It was very controlled and manageable. I feel like its been trying to expand past what I can take on myself for a while and I’ve been fighting it because I am afraid that it will fail, that if I depend on others, they will let me down and that I won’t be good enough or smart enough. The way I can grow personally and in business is to just let go. To be open to whatever opportunities come my way. To listen and trust my intuition. To remember that some of the most amazing lessons come out of failure. To be vulnerable enough to be seen and also strong enough to stand in my own truth. Over the last year my team has expanded. I now have so much help with the behind the scenes business stuff and the front desk. My friend Jen Mills opened a business within my business called Urban Bliss Massage Therapy. What we have created together is very unique and it has been such an amazing experience to have her there.


Tell us what you can find at Solace Massage + Bodywork?

Our mission statement is:
Through unity and trust our goal is to create a calming and inviting atmosphere. An atmosphere that provides support for health and wellness to our community.

Solace means to provide comfort. Sometimes that means it gets uncomfortable to eventually reach lasting comfort. That’s why trust and connection are so important. It can be a difficult experience for some people to get undressed for a massage or to even be touched. There is a saying “your issues lie in your tissues.” It is so true. Sometimes during a session, as tensions are released in the physical body, things come up for people. Past experiences, hardships, stress, or old injuries. It’s important for me to create a safe space for conversation and for release. I’ve had sessions filled with uncontrollable laughter and sessions with uncontrollable tears. Sometimes people fall asleep and sometimes they share their deepest secrets and stories. My hope is that at the end of each session there is a deeper sense noticing what it feels like to let go. To release some of what you’ve been holding on to. Being present with our physical bodies and listening to what its saying gives access to health and wellness.

Describe your favorite day.

I love early mornings with a hot cup of coffee so it would definitely start like that. I almost always start with a 10 minute meditation ( I am currently using the app called Headspace) and ideally would have time for a little bit of yoga (I practice Baptiste Yoga). I would definitely spend my favorite day with the people I love. I recently heard the best way to strengthen relationships is to do something new together so on my to-do list next year is to go paddle boarding and learn to ski. I love adventures, particularly road trips and spending time outdoors. I like to move and work a bit vs. sitting around. Outdoors I love wide open spaces, they remind me how small I really am. When I look at all that space I see so much room for endless possibility.


Sarah, we appreciate your willingness to be open and share. You are a beautiful human and the World is lucky to have you!

If you are in the Fort Wayne area, you should stop by the beautiful Solace Massage + Bodywork, Sarah happens to sell our favorite candles from Wax Buffalo as well as some other things we love!

Seth | Dwellers Coworking + Coffee

Like all good Instagramers, the first thing I did when we moved into our new home last May, was search hashtags for local people and places, that's when I stumbled on Dwellers. A new friend mentioned they were roasting coffee so I emailed Seth and went to get a bag. We talked for quite awhile, I learned what Dwellers was about, and shared about Makeshift. I left and called Maddie and said "I want to write about Dwellers. I think they are doing something really neat over there." "Let's do it!" she said.

Almost a year later it's happening! I am so excited to introduce to you, Seth Haley, the man behind the ideas and the roaster behind the coffee.

Pictured: Dan Deitrich, Tommy Oldham, Amos Haley | Photo Cred: Seth Haley

Pictured: Dan Deitrich, Tommy Oldham, Amos Haley | Photo Cred: Seth Haley

Who are you and what are you about?

Hmm... good question, cause . . . Who am I? and . . . What am I about? I mean, I don't just want to give you the typical answer, I'm Seth Haley, and I'm a commercial filmmaker. Big picture I like connecting people and bringing people together to see what happens. To see how they can interact and help each other achieve their individual and collective goals. So I like to get to know people and learn what drives them, what they are excited about doing. I love to brainstorm ideas with them, help them take action, I guess I love to solve problems.

Photo Cred: Seth Haley

Photo Cred: Seth Haley

What is the difference between Dwellers Coworking & Dwellers Coffee?

There is a big difference and there is no difference. The big difference is, one is serving a location need and the other is about a tangible product. So Dwellers Coworking is a physical location where any type of worker is welcome. You basically rent a desk and work on your own things in the same space as other people. The idea is that this will bring all kinds of creative people together in connection and collaboration. Dwellers Coffee is a product, more specifically coffee. We have it here for people while they are working AND we sell it to local businesses as well as online.

The no difference part is the fact that they are both based around the idea of ta-da! CONNECTION! We are all about bringing people together and connecting people. At the coworking space you can meet each other, know each other, become friends, this often leads to working together, coffee is so often what brings people to the same table, it gets them talking.

You started Dwellers Coworking in February 2016. When did coffee become a part of Dwellers?

The interesting thing is coffee was the original plan. When I did photography full time, my vision was to create a coffee shop connected to a photo studio. I like the atmosphere and different types of people in coffee shops. They foster connection, and I love the community photographers and filmmakers build. That is how the two came together but obviously starting a coffee shop is more expensive to start than a coworking space. So a coworking space was the solution.

What is the point of coffee, why do you think people like it so much?

Everybody likes a little bit of comfort. Coffee is comfortable. Plus working people have to find some way to stay awake and get stuff done. But really, coffee is the quiet person in the room and yet it's a driving force behind creating connection.

Describe your favorite kind of day at Dwellers.

 A day where I spend, literally all day talking and brainstorming with people!

I'm obsessed with your Cascara drink, can you tell our readers about it?

Cascara is the outer cherry of the coffee bean. So if you think of a coffee bean like a cherry, the cherry has a seed, that is the coffee bean, so the cherry part, the outside of it, is the Cascara. It's like a loose leaf tea, it tastes like roobios reminds me of drinking black tea. It's considered a premium coffee product, we are really excited to start selling it!

Photo Cred: Seth Haley

Photo Cred: Seth Haley

So right, tell us about Dwellers Coffee's next big step!

Coffee subscriptions! We hear so often that people will buy from a local roaster then forget to buy again until they are out. Leaving them stranded and forced to grab a bag from the grocery. Coffee Subscriptions give coffee drinkers an easy way to get fresh roasted beans delivered to their door so they never run out of their favorite! We have a variety of options for quantity as well as how often it ships. PLUS we want to do something a little different with our subscriptions, pairings. One of our options will be coffee paired with a local chocolate, specifically matched to your coffee order. We are really excited about it! Plus who doesn't love chocolate and coffee together?

Seth, thank you so much for letting us pick your brain, learn about your passions and drink coffee in your space! We are so excited for you and Dwellers and all the adventures you have coming up!

Be sure to check them out as they add new products . . . like CASCARA! 

Find Seth on Instagram  
Check out Dwellers Coworking on Instagram and their Website
Check out Dwellers Coffee on Instagram and Order yourself some coffee at Website

If you order a bag, let us know! We will be ordering some Cascara as soon as it's available!

Kayla | Harv Co

If you missed our Check In post, we recommend you go give that a quick read before jumping in here. It explains some of the new things we will be sharing here on Kindred. 

We have a story to share about a woman, her family, her community, and how she provides for all of that.

Meet Kayla and her business Harv Co! 


//kayla// Harv Co is my online shop where I make and sell accessories for little boys ages 0-5 years! I like to sell things that you might not need but are so much fun—like beanies and bow ties. And then some things that you definitely do need like burp cloths and pacifier clips.

The name is inspired by our son, Harvest (his nickname is Harv). Once we had him, we quickly realized that it’s not easy to find cute (non-tacky) baby boy things. So both the shop and the name were really inspired by him.

I started Harv Co a few months after our Harv was born. I felt like I was finally in the groove of being a stay-at-home mom and loved it with everything in me, but also wanted a creative outlet and something to provide a little extra income for our family. If I’m being totally honest, I decided to go ahead and launch Harv Co once we realized how quickly our credit card balance was climbing. It was a fun idea and a dream for awhile, but I didn’t actually take the leap until income was also part of the motivation. I knew without a doubt that I would find so much joy from doing it, but it was that coupled with credit card bills that finally pushed me over the edge to actually start the business. 


//kayla// Ideally, my brand would be one that attracts [those] who enjoy current trends. By trends, I don’t mean baby trends so much as I do adult trends. I think it’s just the cutest when Harvey is dressed up in a bow tie and flat bill just like his dad. So with that, I’d say the style I’m going for is a urban, grown-up style.

I’ve been amazed at how people have been so supportive and encouraging of Harv Co. So many of my sales go to cities I’ve never heard of and people I’ve never met. And that’s crazy to me. I get such great feedback on social media, too. It’s amazing to see a proud momma post a pic of her little guy looking handsome in some Harv Co gear.


//kayla// I’d say at first that I had no idea what connection with people might look like though Harv Co, but now that I’m here, I am so loving this little community that has developed! It’s definitely important to me—it makes this little company of mine something more than just a means to pay bills. I’ve gotten to know some really sweet people just organically, and I’ve been blown away by their kindness and friendship that has resulted. And they’re all moms of little boys! So right off the bat we have something in common and are kindred spirits.

Most of the really close connections I’ve been able to make are with my repeat customers and my brand reps. It’s also really sweet when I do a market and end up seeing repeat faces or being able to meet customers (and their babes) in person. So sweet. And then of course there’s social media—it’s a whole world of connections! And for an online business owner it’s huge and so valuable and just fun.

It’s definitely fulfilling for me. I’ve always been a really social person, so I love any connection that I can make, and Harv Co has most definitely expanded my understanding of the potential for that beyond what’s directly in front of me.


//kayla// I’d love to keep expanding my product line. A shop for little boy accessories needs to sell suspenders so probably those next, then maybe cute little backpacks or who knows what!

If you’re the creative type like me and are thinking about starting an online business, too, I’ll take the liberty and give you the advice a good friend of mine gave me: Just do it! What do you really have to lose as long as it brings you joy? It’s so much fun and so rewarding, no matter what sales look like. 

What we see in Kayla is a woman who saw a need in her family. She knew that she wanted to be at home with her son and also knew somehow she needed to contribute to her family financially. While there are many ways to do both, none of which are wrong, we love that Kayla has chosen to do something that brings her joy. Kayla was making adorable items for Hav and that just wasn't enough. She saw these little creations as ways of making connections with other moms and other boys and that is what we want to celebrate. A woman who chose to share her creations, her gifts and by sharing she created a community. By being connected to herself and her family she created connection with others. 

We want to thank Kayla for sharing her story, and offering her creativity and goods to a community of folks like her, looking to dress our little people in a little more current and relatable attire. We're stoked to support her beautiful intentions, crazy talent, and brave business-startup attitude. We can't wait to see how her product line grows from here!

Look for Harv Co in the Fort Wayne area during the holiday markets in 2016!
 Kayla has a collaboration giveaway in the works with a few other shops. 
Follow her on social media to stay updated.  

Harv Co Website | Harv Co Instagram | Harv Co Facebook


Ruth & Eden | Photanical

The evening is humid and sunny. We can hear the cicadas just beginning to make noise in the trees. There is a slight breeze in the air. We're early. As we walk into the backyard of a cute little yellow house, Eden and Ruth are hustling around preparing for guests. Feeding off that energy of anticipation, we can't help but pitch in with setting the table.

This is our first Photanical event. We've watched as their eight workshops have come and gone since January, both too shy to commit to a date. We finally got brave enough to reach out, sign up, and show up. We along with nearly 20 others, filling the yard with hungry bellies and a bit of bravery—Let's show up and have supper with strangers. Maybe they'll turn out to be kindred spirits. 

As people settle into their spots at the table, Eden introduces herself and Ruth. We watch as she tells them how the evening will unfold, and then dinner begins—vegan, four-course, consumable art from Bird Food. Ruth and Eden slip away from the meal, long enough to share the story behind nights like this. 


Ruth Yaroslaski is the photographer behind Yaro Photo, and Eden Hakimzadeh is a stylist with a passion for botanical art and floral arranging. The two unlikely friends hosted their first event in January 2016 for a friend who requested that Eden teach a flower crown workshop and have Ruth photograph it. The collaboration grew from there as the two discovered a common passion for holding space for people.

Now, the two host one or two workshops a month, where anyone is welcome to come try their hand at botanical art—anything from floral crowns to terrariums, and hanging baskets to potted dinner favors. During each event, Ruth documents the organic interaction as strangers become friends—bonded by shared interest, a pinch of courage, and the desire to connect. Photanical also collaborates with venues, caterers, and galleries to bring these workshops to life. Their partners are local businesses with a common purpose.

Coming from similar backgrounds, living in big cities with exclusive art scenes, they ended up in Fort Wayne desiring something similar. Something better. Creative community. Who knew they would create it together? They now host events they love to attend themselves (honoring their aesthetic and values) that anyone can attend and feel welcome. The idea is show up, learn, connect, and do a little self-care, while being seen and appreciated.


//ruth// A safe place to be yourself. A place where you are supporting others and they are supporting you. A place of openness and trust. Community helps you feel supported. Therefore, you are able to accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

//eden// Community in Photanical comes from eating together, and creating something. Stepping outside of your box and work, relying on and admiring each other. We want everyone to know that support is there for them.


//eden// I think we were surprised at how many people showed up that we didn't know. A few of our events have sold out so quickly we didn't even have a chance to tell our friends. 


//eden// While we are looking around I am the only brown person here. We have people that think, Oh I have to look a certain way or be this size or shape. We want to open it up more.

//ruth// We try to talk about it in a way that is open: Come out of your comfort zone and be a part. 


//ruth// We try to not talk about it like its the coolest thing to do. We're open to everyone, from those who have never done anything creative to those putting their art into galleries. We also feature everyone who uses our #photanical hashtag on Instagram, even if it isn't a photo we would take. There isn't a certain aesthetic that needs to be captured. 

//eden// It's a little bit of trial and error. We've reached out to people to personally invite them. We also choose events and vendor collaboration requests based on whether our intentions all align. We find people reach out and meet each other as long as it's their goal. I'm working on leading the conversation at events if it's not happening. 


//eden// I want to connect to other communities and let them know that this is a possibility. It's possible to have a community outside your family.

both// We're open to change that allows Photanical to develop and grow, and also be passed down. We're both training people who can replace us if necessary—as photographer or host. This will open up more opportunities.

We had been dying to talk with Ruth and Eden for months, attend an event, and experience what Photanical had to offer. After speaking with them, and seeing their intentions in action, here is what we learned: If you want to connect with new people while doing a little self-care (creatively, physically, emotionally),  and you're willing to step outside of your comfort zone, Ruth and Eden have created the space. You just have to show up and fill it with what you want out of it! All the pieces are there.

We want to thank Ruth and Eden for a beautiful evening, for sharing their story, and ultimately bringing something beautiful to the city where they were newcomers not long ago. We're proud to support these gals' beautiful intentions, crazy talent, and brave mashup to bring people together and give them a place to belong. Cheers! Bravo! And Congratulations ladies!

Sign up for the next Photanical Terrarium Workshop at Fresh Thyme Market! 
When: August 27, 2016 10am + 12pm // Only 15 spots available for each time slot. 

Photanical Website | Photanical Instagram | Photanical Facebook
Eden on Instagram | Ruth on Instagram

Supper and Succulent Event Gallery

All images taken by Ruth Yaro | Supper and Succulents 7.19.16