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Like all good Instagramers, the first thing I did when we moved into our new home last May, was search hashtags for local people and places, that's when I stumbled on Dwellers. A new friend mentioned they were roasting coffee so I emailed Seth and went to get a bag. We talked for quite awhile, I learned what Dwellers was about, and shared about Makeshift. I left and called Maddie and said "I want to write about Dwellers. I think they are doing something really neat over there." "Let's do it!" she said.

Almost a year later it's happening! I am so excited to introduce to you, Seth Haley, the man behind the ideas and the roaster behind the coffee.

Pictured: Dan Deitrich, Tommy Oldham, Amos Haley | Photo Cred: Seth Haley

Pictured: Dan Deitrich, Tommy Oldham, Amos Haley | Photo Cred: Seth Haley

Who are you and what are you about?

Hmm... good question, cause . . . Who am I? and . . . What am I about? I mean, I don't just want to give you the typical answer, I'm Seth Haley, and I'm a commercial filmmaker. Big picture I like connecting people and bringing people together to see what happens. To see how they can interact and help each other achieve their individual and collective goals. So I like to get to know people and learn what drives them, what they are excited about doing. I love to brainstorm ideas with them, help them take action, I guess I love to solve problems.

Photo Cred: Seth Haley

Photo Cred: Seth Haley

What is the difference between Dwellers Coworking & Dwellers Coffee?

There is a big difference and there is no difference. The big difference is, one is serving a location need and the other is about a tangible product. So Dwellers Coworking is a physical location where any type of worker is welcome. You basically rent a desk and work on your own things in the same space as other people. The idea is that this will bring all kinds of creative people together in connection and collaboration. Dwellers Coffee is a product, more specifically coffee. We have it here for people while they are working AND we sell it to local businesses as well as online.

The no difference part is the fact that they are both based around the idea of ta-da! CONNECTION! We are all about bringing people together and connecting people. At the coworking space you can meet each other, know each other, become friends, this often leads to working together, coffee is so often what brings people to the same table, it gets them talking.

You started Dwellers Coworking in February 2016. When did coffee become a part of Dwellers?

The interesting thing is coffee was the original plan. When I did photography full time, my vision was to create a coffee shop connected to a photo studio. I like the atmosphere and different types of people in coffee shops. They foster connection, and I love the community photographers and filmmakers build. That is how the two came together but obviously starting a coffee shop is more expensive to start than a coworking space. So a coworking space was the solution.

What is the point of coffee, why do you think people like it so much?

Everybody likes a little bit of comfort. Coffee is comfortable. Plus working people have to find some way to stay awake and get stuff done. But really, coffee is the quiet person in the room and yet it's a driving force behind creating connection.

Describe your favorite kind of day at Dwellers.

 A day where I spend, literally all day talking and brainstorming with people!

I'm obsessed with your Cascara drink, can you tell our readers about it?

Cascara is the outer cherry of the coffee bean. So if you think of a coffee bean like a cherry, the cherry has a seed, that is the coffee bean, so the cherry part, the outside of it, is the Cascara. It's like a loose leaf tea, it tastes like roobios reminds me of drinking black tea. It's considered a premium coffee product, we are really excited to start selling it!

Photo Cred: Seth Haley

Photo Cred: Seth Haley

So right, tell us about Dwellers Coffee's next big step!

Coffee subscriptions! We hear so often that people will buy from a local roaster then forget to buy again until they are out. Leaving them stranded and forced to grab a bag from the grocery. Coffee Subscriptions give coffee drinkers an easy way to get fresh roasted beans delivered to their door so they never run out of their favorite! We have a variety of options for quantity as well as how often it ships. PLUS we want to do something a little different with our subscriptions, pairings. One of our options will be coffee paired with a local chocolate, specifically matched to your coffee order. We are really excited about it! Plus who doesn't love chocolate and coffee together?

Seth, thank you so much for letting us pick your brain, learn about your passions and drink coffee in your space! We are so excited for you and Dwellers and all the adventures you have coming up!

Be sure to check them out as they add new products . . . like CASCARA! 

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If you order a bag, let us know! We will be ordering some Cascara as soon as it's available!