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If you missed our Check In post, we recommend you go give that a quick read before jumping in here. It explains some of the new things we will be sharing here on Kindred. 

We have a story to share about a woman, her family, her community, and how she provides for all of that.

Meet Kayla and her business Harv Co! 


//kayla// Harv Co is my online shop where I make and sell accessories for little boys ages 0-5 years! I like to sell things that you might not need but are so much fun—like beanies and bow ties. And then some things that you definitely do need like burp cloths and pacifier clips.

The name is inspired by our son, Harvest (his nickname is Harv). Once we had him, we quickly realized that it’s not easy to find cute (non-tacky) baby boy things. So both the shop and the name were really inspired by him.

I started Harv Co a few months after our Harv was born. I felt like I was finally in the groove of being a stay-at-home mom and loved it with everything in me, but also wanted a creative outlet and something to provide a little extra income for our family. If I’m being totally honest, I decided to go ahead and launch Harv Co once we realized how quickly our credit card balance was climbing. It was a fun idea and a dream for awhile, but I didn’t actually take the leap until income was also part of the motivation. I knew without a doubt that I would find so much joy from doing it, but it was that coupled with credit card bills that finally pushed me over the edge to actually start the business. 


//kayla// Ideally, my brand would be one that attracts [those] who enjoy current trends. By trends, I don’t mean baby trends so much as I do adult trends. I think it’s just the cutest when Harvey is dressed up in a bow tie and flat bill just like his dad. So with that, I’d say the style I’m going for is a urban, grown-up style.

I’ve been amazed at how people have been so supportive and encouraging of Harv Co. So many of my sales go to cities I’ve never heard of and people I’ve never met. And that’s crazy to me. I get such great feedback on social media, too. It’s amazing to see a proud momma post a pic of her little guy looking handsome in some Harv Co gear.


//kayla// I’d say at first that I had no idea what connection with people might look like though Harv Co, but now that I’m here, I am so loving this little community that has developed! It’s definitely important to me—it makes this little company of mine something more than just a means to pay bills. I’ve gotten to know some really sweet people just organically, and I’ve been blown away by their kindness and friendship that has resulted. And they’re all moms of little boys! So right off the bat we have something in common and are kindred spirits.

Most of the really close connections I’ve been able to make are with my repeat customers and my brand reps. It’s also really sweet when I do a market and end up seeing repeat faces or being able to meet customers (and their babes) in person. So sweet. And then of course there’s social media—it’s a whole world of connections! And for an online business owner it’s huge and so valuable and just fun.

It’s definitely fulfilling for me. I’ve always been a really social person, so I love any connection that I can make, and Harv Co has most definitely expanded my understanding of the potential for that beyond what’s directly in front of me.


//kayla// I’d love to keep expanding my product line. A shop for little boy accessories needs to sell suspenders so probably those next, then maybe cute little backpacks or who knows what!

If you’re the creative type like me and are thinking about starting an online business, too, I’ll take the liberty and give you the advice a good friend of mine gave me: Just do it! What do you really have to lose as long as it brings you joy? It’s so much fun and so rewarding, no matter what sales look like. 

What we see in Kayla is a woman who saw a need in her family. She knew that she wanted to be at home with her son and also knew somehow she needed to contribute to her family financially. While there are many ways to do both, none of which are wrong, we love that Kayla has chosen to do something that brings her joy. Kayla was making adorable items for Hav and that just wasn't enough. She saw these little creations as ways of making connections with other moms and other boys and that is what we want to celebrate. A woman who chose to share her creations, her gifts and by sharing she created a community. By being connected to herself and her family she created connection with others. 

We want to thank Kayla for sharing her story, and offering her creativity and goods to a community of folks like her, looking to dress our little people in a little more current and relatable attire. We're stoked to support her beautiful intentions, crazy talent, and brave business-startup attitude. We can't wait to see how her product line grows from here!

Look for Harv Co in the Fort Wayne area during the holiday markets in 2016!
 Kayla has a collaboration giveaway in the works with a few other shops. 
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